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Hands-On: The Richard Mille RM 07-01 In Gem-Set Black Ceramic -

Hands-On: The Richard Mille RM 07-01 In Gem-Set Black Ceramic –

I will introduce this article by saying that this watch is definitely not a moderate watch. Nor is it a modest watch. Along these lines, normally, I will expound on it (I can’t help myself). Here we have one of two new deliveries from Richard Mille this year, the other being the RM53-01 Pablo Mac Donough. This watch has similar profile as different forms of the RM 07-01, however there is a urgent distinction: a dark fired case with at no other time seen jewel setting that puts a casing of precious stones around the dial.

The RM07-01 with precious stone set clay case.

The RM 07-01 highlights the standard tonneau-form case that we know and (a few of us) love. I without a doubt am a major aficionado of the RM women’s watches, as I might suspect they are lively, cool, and stylish (stay tuned for additional on this later). The case estimates 45.66mm x 31.04mm x 11.85mm and is made of red gold around the band and TZP dark fired for the top and base bezels. The actual case is done by hand and is smooth like spread, with a fine grain to the fired. The development is the programmed type CRMA2 made of evaluation 5 titanium, and it is completely noticeable through the back and part of the way through the front. The actual dial is made of Onyx and red gold, and it’s set with jewels. Indeed, even the crown has gotten in on the fun, being set with a fairly enormous jewel itself.

The watch is controlled by the programmed type CRMA2.

But the coolest thing about this watch is the way that the dark ceramic case is set with a column of jewels in the external bezel. This is something that has never been done and is unimaginably hard to do in light of the fact that earthenware is so fragile. Certainly, there are clay watches with jewels, yet as a rule they are set into metal bezels, not fired ones. And keeping in mind that I don’t generally approve jewels (however a great deal of times, I do), this is an occasion where I think they check. To accomplish this setting, Richard Mille put the .25mm-measurement jewels into red gold prongs, and the stones are then set into the clay situation where a line had been penetrated out along the bezel. 

Each stone measures .25mm and is set into a prong prior to being set into the ceramic case.

A detail of the precious stone set crown.

On the wrist, the RM07-01 is entirely comfortable (and looked great with my outfit to boot).

On the wrist, I truly appreciated this watch. It  was comfortable as well as simple to wear. Indeed, it was a little blingy, however did a bit of bling at any point hurt anybody? I don’t think so. No cost has been reported for this watch, however we’re revealed to it will probably fall somewhere near the $170,000 mark.

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