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Hands-On: A First Look At The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 (With Exclusive Live Pics) -

Hands-On: A First Look At The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 (With Exclusive Live Pics) –

The first day at SIHH is in quite a while, and one of the primary exhibitors we visited was Audemars Piguet. AP had many new watches this year, and we were anxious to see a few of them in the metal. However, in case we’re being straightforward, there was one that stood apart over the rest: We just needed to get our hands on the Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin.

The Royal Oak RD#2 is a genuine record-breaker of a super slim watch that is at present the most slender programmed never-ending schedule from any brand on the planet, time frame. At 6.3mm flimsy, it’s more slender than any Royal Oak that is as of now underway as well. Truth be told – it’s more slender than a Jumbo; hell, it’s more slender than the 33mm Royal Oak women’s quartz pieces. AP accomplished this end by thinking outside about the crate and moving toward the RD#2 project from point of view of revolutionary rearrangements. As indicated by the company, the response to the topic of how to decrease the stature of their unending schedule was to combine capacities and highlights that once called for discrete instruments into particular components. Along these lines, AP decreased its ceaseless from a three-level development, with haggles layered on each other, into a system with a solitary, level column of associating components that, now and again, performed what were once particular functions.

The Royal Oak RD#2 dial

One illustrative illustration of how AP worked on the complication is their utilization of a solitary 48-venture month wheel for the jump year cycle, a showcase that was once delivered with different degrees of outfitting. On the new wheel, 31-day months are addressed by a shallow wretchedness; 30-day months are more profound. The most profound three are the briefest months of the cycle,  standard 28-day Februarys. Another indent denotes a 29-day February, as experienced in jump years. Generally, in a complicated wristwatch with a ceaseless schedule, a watchmaker would combine a 12-venture month wheel with a different 4-year cam for the jump year.

The dial gives considerable help to the development beneath it, AP says, working adequately as another plate. With such a large amount of the type’s own profundity stripped away or leveled out in quest for outright slimness and straightforwardness, AP looked to a component whose capacity is normally  dedicated to style and readability and  made it a wellspring of solidarity. Further subtleties on the development will be forthcoming from Audemars Piguet eventually as it were, however they are staying quiet about points of interest for the time being (however clearly it will be extremely huge news when it breaks).

The dial’s profundity is complemented by its closeness to the sapphire crystal.

This isn’t to say that the dial has been consigned completely to a utilitarian job. A long way from it. This is as engaging a Tapisserie dial as one is probably going to see on any Royal Oak. Furthermore, one of my partners commented, astutely I think, that in light of the fact that there is so little space between the dial and the gem, one can even more appreciate the profundity of the showcases and dial pattern.

The arm band is made of sold platinum.

One thing that does quickly strike you when holding the Royal Oak RD#2 is that regardless of the slenderness of the development, this is a weighty watch. The 41mm case, the bezel, and the generous connections of the coordinated wristband are each of the 950 platinum. I didn’t have a pocket scale, and AP hasn’t spoken on the watch’s weight, yet in the hand the watch feels out and out heavy.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 isn’t presently accessible for procurement, however it’s a splendid indication of a functioning R&D office in Le Brassus. As if there were any doubts.

For more on the RD#2, look at our underlying tale about the watch and visit Audemars Piguet on the web .