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Hands-On 4N MVT01 D01

Hands-On 4N MVT01 D01

4N MVT01 D01 Review

In the scant extra time in the middle of all gatherings at Baselworld we like to explore the show for intriguing things. Generally it’s arrangement just however at The Palace – where a great deal of free brands are found – we were unexpectedly welcome to look at theReplica Watch Company Reviews from 4N. This brand was established in 2009 by François Quentin who has a a rich list of references in the Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews industry. With the shortest brand name in the book, 4N stands  for ‘four numbers‘, which identifies with the manner in which the time is shown with 4 digits, much the same as a computerized show just it’s completely mechanical.

We viewed the 4N MVT01 D01 Replica Watch Company Reviews Have a gander at these photographs first, before we proceed our story.

To have the option to show the time on the 4N MVT01 there are three gatherings of pivoting circles in the production development. The digits on measure 5,5 mm. On the left side there is a gathering of 4 circles with 3 digits each addressing the 12 hours. On the correct side there is a gathering of 5 circles with 2 digits each for the single minutes which are completed with a solitary plate in the center for the many minutes. Pivoting is finished by an arrangement of consistent power that makes the circles ‘jump’ instantly at the privilege moment.

4N distributed a video that shows how time hops from 1:59 to 2:00 on the 4N MVT01 D01 watch.


With a double barrel the force hold on the 4N MVT01 D01 is practically as long as 10 days. No under 514 sections are utilized in the 4N MVT01 which are totally enlivened by hand. 4N has an organization with Renaud & Papi concerning its complex development. Their best expert watchmakers go through near two months on completing and amassing one single watch. This additionally clarifies the extremely restricted amount of the 4N MVT01. Just 16 pieces are accessible – paying little mind to the case material – and comes in white gold, titanium or platinum. The top notch lash is built with a snappy delivery framework and comes with a buckle. Additionally accessible as a custom length lash that is made to measure.

Price sign for the 4N in white gold is € 150.000,- excl. taxes.For more data about the 4N MVT01 D01 visit the .

Technical Specifications

  • Jumping minutes and hours
  • Digital show by discs
  • Double barrel with synchronous transmission stop-work
  • Screw balance: 9.12mm Breguet spiral
  • Rhythm: 21 000 Alt/hour
  • 514 components
  • 78 rubies
  • 237-hour power hold (10 days)
  • Finish: all parts are hand-decorated
  • Limited release 16 pieces
  • Retail cost : white gold variant – 150 000 € Excluding Taxes