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Gronefeld One Hertz Review – Hands On

Gronefeld One Hertz Review – Hands On

I’ve had the advantage of dealing with numerous uncommon watches before; some of them establish a greater amount of a connection than others, for different reasons. The Gronefeld One Hertz is one of these – however for a totally different explanation. Worked by siblings Bart and Tim , the One Hertz is really the most un-complicated watch they have constructed – beforehand of Renaud et Papi, they additionally completed the GTM-06 tourbillon minute repeater.

The watch ticks, in one-second augmentations – like a (wheeze) quartz watch. Flip it over, however, and plainly something significantly more unique powers the hands – obviously a totally mechanical type, created in house.

The rest of this post will be a compact – yet truly emotional – audit of this watch. Much obliged to Robert-Jan Broer for permitting me to contribute, and a major thank you to the authority who advanced me the watch.

Case, crown and outer finishing

The One Hertz is housed in a very much completed 43x13mm case, that wears significantly bigger than its measurements propose because of a moderate bezel; gigantic is maybe the correct word to portray it. The caseband is brushed, however the bezel, drags and some portion of the back are cleaned – loaning the watch a pleasant variety in surface, suggestive of the Lange cases, which is additionally supported by the glad bezel for the presentation back. Everything is strong and very much wrapped up.

The crown is a decent amazement – you push it in to change among winding and setting capacities, shown on a little section on the dial at 3 o’clock. Lamentably this additionally restricts the distance across of the crown to the caseband; a bigger crown would be ideal to make twisting simpler, just as being somewhat better proportioned to the remainder of the case.


Unfortunately our watch didn’t come provided with a lash from the production – this nation makes them interest conceal import guidelines – so we can’t comment here.


A enormous bit of the dial is offered over to the seconds hand show; this is, all things considered, the component complication of the watch. Indeed, it’s huge to such an extent that the scale has a straightforward segment to permit the primary time dial to be bigger and more neat consistently. There are additionally little portions to show the excess force save (72 hours, yet without a graduated scale) and the situation of the winding crown.

Although the dial tasteful takes after that of different watches – quite, different Maurice Lacroixes – the Gronefeld is both better completed, and has a lot more noteworthy feeling of profundity because of many applied and recessed components, and a decent utilization of changed surface. Looking back however, the journey for profundity is maybe taken all in all too far; the seconds hand is on the finish of a long pinion which gives the feeling of rising up out of the dial like a pin from a golf hole.

Kudos for guaranteeing recycled arrangement with the lists is awesome; further credit for putting the time show on the option to make the watch effectively coherent while looking free from a sleeve. Visual equilibrium could be improved marginally however – perhaps by moving the force save portion to the 7-8 o’clock position to adjust the fundamental time dial.


Now for the intriguing part! The development – around 34mm in distance across – possesses a decent part of the case, and clearly doesn’t need spacers. Regardless of its size, it’s actual full; the timekeeping train snakes around the outside, finishing in a free sprung offset with movable balance loads and a Philips overcoil; a subsequent barrel and short train drives the dead seconds complication. The dead seconds hand is totally autonomous from the timekeeping train. It is kept synchronized and ticking by methods for an optional twofold sided bed fork, whose shaking is constrained by a shallow profile gear on the fourth wheel pinion; its contrary side bolts and opens the wolf teeth of an ‘get away from wheel’ of sorts, which straightforwardly drives the second hand. Basic, rich, and above all, liable to be very reliable.

The development itself is brimming with decent contacts – every principle wheel has its own extension, including the barrels and top plate keyless works; this should make overhauling a breeze. Besides, the essential gem orientation are held in replaceable gold chatons; albeit not secured by screws, they cause a pleasant ornamental touch and further to address the life span of the movement.

Finishing of the plates is a combination of traditional and present day styles. Edges are inclined and cleaned, with perlage on some recessed plate territories and a utilitarian brushed/cleaned finish on switches and so on The principle plates are carved with a dim matte wrap up, leaving their lines and any content pleased in help – a decent stylish surely. I have no clue if the shrouded territories of the watch are comparably completed (I do whatever it takes not to dismantle watches that aren’t mine), yet I would have no motivation to expect otherwise.


The One Hertz is an intriguing recommendation – in any event, considering, which is a nontrivial 30,000 Euros or thereabouts. For that, one gets a piece that most will decipher as a pleasantly completed quartz watch – yet is in undeniable reality a super-selective (only 12 pieces in steel, a further 20 in rose gold) hand tailored piece with various perfect complications. Somely, it seemed like the counter haute horologie watch for individuals who would prefer not to relate to obviously mechanical pieces like the Richard Milles or Breguet Traditions.

And in this lies the Catch 22 for me – I can value the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the One Hertz; however in the event that a comparable aggregate was given to me to spend on only on watches, I need to concede I would presumably not buy it. Individual tastes and feel would make up a critical segment of this choice, however toward the day’s end, there are only two things that at last swing my choice: it essentially wears excessively huge for my little wrists, and I like intelligent complications.  MT

Photographic note: Images shot by the creator with a Nikon D700, AFS 60/2.8 G Micro-Nikkor and a few flashes.