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Got Money? Dare To Spend It On An Independent Watchmaker's Timepiece?

As you likely know, along with a companion of mine I am facilitating the Linkedin bunch ‘ ‘. With around 4,000 individuals, certainly the most intriguing gathering to join on the off chance that you are an enrolled individual from .

Today, I began another conversation about purchasing a watch from one of the autonomous names, similar to the ones underneath from Linde Werdelin.

Although I believe that Independent watchmaking is an interesting issue since the last two – three years, I don’t see numerous individuals around me wearing or getting them. All things being equal, they will in general go for the sure thing and still buy a watch from one of the set up brands (for example Rolex, IWC, Panerai, etc). Why? Is it the reasonable wagered on resale esteem? Or on the other hand do individuals actually need a ‘renown’ brand name on the dial of their watch?

I couldn’t want anything more than to get your point of view and view about this, so kindly join this conversation on ‘a Passion for Watches’ over at Linkedin. (ensure you as of now have a Linkedin account).