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Googled brands

I figured it very well may be intriguing to post the watch marks that were entered at web indexes and lead to this site. FratelloWatches is here for just about a year now, so a great deal of brands have been referenced here. Ofcourse it isn’t extremely level headed, yet it gives a thought regarding (current) populair brands.

The measurements are not just taken care of by Google coincidentally and the watchwords entered which doesn’t contain a brand name, are left out.

1. Omega

2. Rolex

3. Panerai

4. Sinn

5. IWC

6. Patek Philippe

7. Breitling

8. Louis Bolle (tragic yet evident)

9. Van Der Gang

10. Seiko

11. Parmigiani

12. (Tag) Heuer

13. Tissot

14. Ole Mathiesen

15. Cartier

16. MarcelloC

17. Vacheron & Constantin

18. Uboat (one more instance of the comment at nr.8)

19. BRM

20. Paul Picot

The rundown can go on.. however, 20 ought to be sufficient. For the record, Omega was entered at the searchengines more than three times as much as Rolex. Speedmaster and Seamaster are on par. Sinn and IWC are exceptionally close, which shows that it is somewhat level headed, since IWC isn’t referenced particularly here on Fratellowatches (fundamentally on the grounds that I despise the brand). One could likewise infer that IWC is a particularly entered catchphrase at searchengines. So much, that individuals even discover Fratellowatches the spot to click between each one of those hits (756.000 at Google). Submariner is higher in positioning than Daytona. The EZM1 is by all accounts more populair than the 142.

Currently I get around 350-400 hits every day and climbing.. I keep thinking about whether the rundown actually appears to be identical in June 2006.