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Fratellowatches ‘behind the scenes’ during the 24 hours of Spa

Fratellowatches ‘behind the scenes’ during the 24 hours of Spa

As you all realize we are commending our 10th anniversary this month. To show you all our appreciation for your normal visits and the still growing number of exceptional guests we coordinated a special giveaway. In request to win one of the prizes, all you need to do is to take a little review. It will give us some more information about you (our perusers) and the things you are intrigued by with regards to Replica Watch Company Reviews You can in any case enter the giveaway  until mid august and let us understand your opinion. We are anticipating your feedback.

Over the most recent few weeks we previously got monstrous reactions in our letter box. To tell you how much we value your musings and thoughts we made a move right away. Amongst the criticism on our last inquiry ‘What would we be able to do to improve Fratello Replica Watch Company Reviews for you?’ a few of our readers told us that they might want to see recordings. To be straightforward we have little to none experience with this, yet we attempted and made our absolute first video.


Bert of Fratellowatches conversing with Matthijs Wolzak of the Amsterdam Tourbillon Boutique

When we come back from an event we always have a lot of images, the greater part of which don’t make it on the web. Regardless of how much we like great photos, we consistently need to make a choice when we work on the last article. With the wish for video and the upcoming race end of the week in Spa we figured this would be the ideal second to make something like a ‘behind the scenes’ report including our absolute initially own creation video. During our end of the week at the Blancpain Endurance Series 24 hours of Spa  we brought along one of those small GoPro activity cameras and made this 4 moment ‘behind the scenes’ compilation, together with some more photographs of the event.

Minutes before the driver takes a portion of the visitors for one high velocity lap around the spa circuit.

Quick exchanging of the visitors during the 20 minutes of ‘one lap around Spa’ time window.

You wouldn’t anticipate this however there is a ton of holding up included during occasions, ideal time for messaging

Overview of the Pirelli compound with the control tower and celebrated Eau Rouge corner in the background.

The ideal stuff for detailing from any circuit.

We trust you making the most of our first ‘behind the scenes’ video. Stay tuned for upcoming reports  in the close future.