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Found: A $10 Gilt Dial Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 -

Found: A $10 Gilt Dial Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 –

As Kyle advises it, he was poring over a table of for the most part common products at a Philadelphia swap meet when, practically out of the blue, he saw a watch “behind the merchant’s table, laying on a solid edge, essentially in the dirt.” 

Kyle says everything he could see was the watch’s bezel, and he was mindful so as not to permit himself to become excessively energized. It was presumably nothing, isn’t that so? These days, practically everyone – particularly somebody sitting behind a counter at a swap meet – realizes the Rolex name, correct? No doubt this was one of many comparable looking plunge watches whose case, bezel, and wristband plans were viably purloined from Rolex.

He took the watch close by—which, as you can see from these photos, is quite beat up – and gave it a more intensive look. Looking out from beneath that scratched plastic gem was what seemed, by all accounts, to be quite a collectible four-line overlaid dial with a patina that would have been hard to fake.

“How much?” Kyle asked the seller.

“I don’t have a clue, $10?” the evidently confused individual behind the table replied.

Despite detecting the discover was too acceptable to possibly be the case, Kyle turned the dice and surrender $10, expecting that he was getting a phony, yet that for just $10 he sort of needed to take the risk. Once he got the watch home, nonetheless, he took the wristband off and looked for the serial number on the web. Lo and view, it returned as a 5512 dating from 1968.

Kyle says the watch is currently at Rolex being reestablished and he’ll keep us educated as the way toward getting it back fit as a fiddle unfolds.

We haven’t got an opportunity to see this watch face to face, and actually all we need to go on for this situation are Kyle’s provided images and the story he tells. Yet, from its vibes, he’s an exceptionally fortunate swap meet customer who presently has a stellar watch and quite a story to go with it.

Update: We’ve heard back from Kyle, who chose not to have the watch overhauled by Rolex.

Update: Kyle sent us the above help record from Rolex. This is the number he used to distinguish the watch’s  year of assembling as 1968 on Bobs Watches.