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EOY SOTC – So Much Fun

TimeZone’s End-Of-Year State-Of-The-Collection strings are such a lot of amusing to peruse. It is captivating to perceive what individuals drive to gather certain watches or certain brands. Other than gathering the enormous brands (IWC, Omega, Rolex and so forth) there are likewise very a few group gathering watches from the little and free brands or who have a solid blend of both.

Click to go to the Public Forum of TimeZone and sweep for those SOTC strings. My undisputed top choices are , and , however the rundown of members is developing. On the off chance that you joining the SOTC strings, kindly consider you and your family’s wellbeing (ensure your location isn’t detectable, protect things in a store or etc.).

Another fun pictorial I saw is in the OMEGA gathering over at TZ. Part Deniz from France did a superb photograph shoot of his Speedmaster Professional Moonphase . .