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Introducing: The Hermès Carré H Desgined By Marc Berthier (Live Pics & Pricing) -

Dutch Speedmaster fan!

Hans Mennink, co-resident of the town where I lived for a long while, composed a fantastic article on the historical backdrop of the Speedmaster arrangement by Omega. Generally foundation data, yet comes for certain convenient realities on Pre-Moon models too. Shockingly for the non-Dutch, it is in Dutch and you can discover the site .

However, Chuck Maddox sent me a URL which interprets it for individuals who can understand English. It is interpreted by a site, so don’t mind the blemishes in the content (it deciphers pretty much everything, even my Dutch last name ‘Broer’, which implies ‘Brother’ in English or ‘Fratello’ in Italian)! Snap for the interpreted variant. Could require a significant stretch of time to stack this page, so be a piece patient.

Enjoy and have an incredible weekend!