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Dent No. 1508 Marine Chronometer

Earlier this week I had a short however fascinating mail trade with Nick, proprietor of . He called attention to on his site, with respect to the Dent 1508 Ship Chronometer.

For gatherers with an enthusiasm for precision, transport chronometers may intrigue you!

Dent No. 1508 Ships Chronometer, marked “Dent, 82 strand LONDON”. Bought by Admiralty in March 1841. Utilized as route instrument on HMS ‘Virago’ – 1847, HMS ‘Plover’ – 1869, HMS ‘ Sattelite’ – 1886, HMS ‘Carysfort’. Overhauled in 1879 Cape Observatory, 1895 Cape of Good Hope, 1895 by Mercer (renowned Marine chronometer himself) , 1902 in Sydney, 1919 in Liverpool. Sold by sell off in 1920. In private assortment since 1983, first time offered for sale.

The producer of this Ship chronometer, Edward John Dent (1790-1853), additionally was the creator of the extraordinary clock of the House of Parliament, known as the Big Ben.

For the guests of this blog who are not into Ship Chronometers, look at the rebuilding projects done by Nick on wrist watches. Here is an illustration of the reclamation of a .

From this:

To this:

The unique dial (with gold print) and hands are kept and reestablished comparable to conceivable. The arm band has been fixed and renovated also. The case additionally has been restored as you can see. The type 1030 development got a complete upgrade and is running inside COSC determinations once more. This venture required around 12 hours altogether. Amazing.

Give him a visit at .