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COMEX Submariner From First Owner For Sale

Just unearthed this Rolex Submariner COMEX, sold by its first proprietor a previous COMEX jumper. The depiction of the bartering reveals to us that the proprietor got this watch in the last part of the 1960s when he was accomplishing proficient jumping work in the North Sea. This watch, which has not been overhauled at all since the main proprietor got it, is presently available to be purchased. The watch is in an all unique condition, however the absence of support is obviously noticeable. Maybe this is the manner in which Rolex gatherers like it at any rate. The current offer on this nr.401 COMEX watch is 8.100,- UKP and still has 6 days left.

Tony, the vender, likewise expressed that he has not worn this watch in years since – and I quote – “I quit wearing it seaward since I figured I could without much of a stretch free it. I quit wearing it inland on the grounds that my primary movement in those days was burning-through a lot of liquor, tumbling down etc;”.

A fascinating site on COMEX watches is .