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Chronoswiss, I just found it again…

An more seasoned web record of mine is shutting (I moved to another internet service months prior) and thought the time had come to tidy up certain documents and envelopes. While doing as such, I discovered that I actually had this Chronoswiss Regulateur Automatique survey on the web. I moved it to another worker, and it is accessible again for everybody.

I composed this about 2.5 years prior and likely never took a gander at it again since mid 2004 when I crossed paths with individuals over at Chronoswiss for utilizing their name and ‘colors’ at (disconnected now), which I began after I got very enthousiastic about this brand. I’m still enthousiastic about Chronoswiss, however can’t assist it with saying that they truly need to show some signs of life and begin supporting the online watch community. At any rate, I am blustering again… here is the article .

Caliber 122, in view of the Enicar 165.