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Cartier LC Tank XL Extra Flat – Louis Cartier's Tank Watch

We say and you will likely say Tank. The Tank is a watch that has been in Cartier’s assortment since 1919 and planned by Louis Cartier (thus the LC). The model was at that point worked in 1917, however the model was showcased two years later.

Pictured underneath is a LC Tank that traces all the way back to 1998, in platinum and with an extremely level F. Piguet movement  (Cartier’s 021MC type). This watch estimates 33.5 x 25.5mm.

Photo by Geo,

Inspired by the heavily clad Renault tank (1917), the Cartier Tank watch was given to General John Pershing, who served in Europe during the primary World War. In the event that you investigate the Tank watch, it would appear that the level part of a heavily clad tank.

The Tank is Cartier’s signature watch for some authorities, albeit the most needed Cartier watches by the majority are as yet the Santos (100) and Pasha models (source: ). Notwithstanding, with the presentation of the LC Tank XL Extra Flat watch the Tank may become more pursued in the close future.

The new Cartier LC Tank XL Extra Flat watches will be presented on the 22nd of June in their boutiques.

This ultra level watch (34.9 x 40.4mm and just 5.1mm in stature) has an awesome Piaget based development (type 430MC) and an exceptionally cool plain silvered grained dial.

More data can be found in article by Geo (companion of the show).