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Bulova Accutrons

Bas van Dorp sent me his contemplations on Bulova Accutron watches…

Although I wear mechanical watches solely, I actually think tuning fork

watches are cool. Without question, the most delightful ones are the Bulova

Accutrons. They were the main watches outfitted with something that was definitely not

completely mechanical. Different companies made tuning fork looks too,

however, the innovation was completely cleared out with the presentation of quartz

watches in the 1970’s.

A great site is The Accutron Watch Page:

If you’re a nerd, this is your watch. Your companions will welcome you as their

new overlord. Rather than most nerd contraptions, I don’t think Accutrons are

female repellants. Retro plans are somewhat hip now, so chicks likely think

you have next year’s Diesel watch or something:

can be difficuilt. Besides, the Accutron watch page contains data

on what battery to get, how to change an Accutron to run on “modern” batteries

and so forth Gee, I figure I will remain with mechanical for consistently use…