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Bentley for Breitling

Yes, I know, it ought to be Breitling for Bentley. In any case, not as per the saleslady of Kerstens Juwelier I visitted last wednesday during my lunchbreak. I was in a shoppingmall in Rotterdam, searching for a spot to get some lunch (I was taking a Microsoft-course close by) and unexpectedly I saw this goldsmith. It had Van der Baauwede and Breitling, and the standard designersstuff. I headed inside and promptly dropped my eye on the Breitling for Bentley watches. I preferred the earthy colored dial and the huge date window, yet when I assessed the watch a smidgen more, I saw that the wristband isn’t precisely fit firmly to the case. The endpieces of the arm band are simply straight, which gives it somewhat of a peculiar look. Also modest. The other ‘regular’ Breitlings had a fitting end-piece, so I said something about it to the saleslady. She revealed to me these were not Breitling watches, but rather Bentley looks for Breitling. No doubt. Presently we are talking 🙂

The finish of the watch was decent however, and the bezel wasn’t as burdensome as I however it would be. In any case, this is an enormous(!) watch. It is positively greater than my 44mm Panerai. The wristband was (aside from the minor detail on the endpiece) pleasantly created too, I think they call this the pilot-bracelet.

I didn’t ask what development would be inside, to keep myself from hearing more refuse. I left the store with a decent Breitling for Bentley handout and blended emotions about the watch (and store). The store was all-white outwardly, and very ‘clean’ on the insite. The divider was full with pictures of popular Dutch individuals that visited the store. Not individuals I would need to be seen with however, yet I surmise certain clients could be pulled in to this. On the off chance that they watch cleanser arrangement that is.

Breitling is a brand that doesn’t do it for me, aside from their Navitimer range. I love the vintage ref.806 models and I kinda like the new ones too with the tri-compax design (that’s subregisters on 9,3 and 6 o’clock). This one was altogether too huge for me (and I am not a little fellow) and I can’t help thinking about why somebody would need to wear this piece. I have huge wrists, yet somebody who needs to wear this need to consider a Panerai as ‘normalsize’. Is it ‘da bling’- factor or do they truly think they get something exceptional at 6000 Euro?

Oh, I don’t know and to be honest, I won’t give it significantly more considerations than the one I just composed here. Next!