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Speedy Tuesday – OMEGA Speedmaster Professional X-33 3rd Gen

BaselWorld 2011- Itay Noy XRay Collection

Yesterday, I’ve visited and examined his XRay assortment. Itay Noy is a creator and watchmaker situated in Israel and I’ve been following him since BaselWorld 2009.

The City Squares arrangement of watches which he presented in 2009 were exceptionally fascinating, even as the Duality watches. The Duality watches can be worn on the two sides (it has two dials). Albeit a ton of watch authorities like the Duality watches, there was a lot of faltering to really get one due to the quartz development. This year, Itay Noy once again introduced the Duality with a mechanical movement.

But the watch that promptly drew my consideration yesterday, is the XRay model that Itay Noy previously declared on his .

I think it is the first occasion when that a watchmaker utilized the blue print of a development to be engraved in the dial, showing the plan of the hand-wound Unitas development underneath it. As usual, Itay Noy utilizes an exceptionally delicate calfskin for his lashes bringing about quite possibly the most comfortable ones I’ve ever worn.

More pictures can be found in the over at Watchuseek.