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Introducing: The Vacheron Constantin Fifty-Six Complete Calendar -

Bas and his rattling Speedmaster Pro

Bas van Dorp messaged me the accompanying story:

Some months prior, I went snowboarding for seven days for certain companions. As each

year, I simply wear my Omega Speedmaster Pro during snowboarding. I figured that

a Speedmaster Pro ought to have the option to manage this very easily.

However, following a couple of days on the slants, I saw a shaking sound coming

from my watch. It seemed as though something had come free. Ooops! The watch

was all the while running, yet I had these dreams of what could happen when a

part would stall out in the escapement or some place in the geartrain. I

assembled all my fortitude and I concluded it was the best thing to open the

watch immediately.

I didn’t have a caseback apparatus close by, and the pincers on my Leatherman where

the following best thing. I don’t recommend this to anybody, in the event that you slip you will

harm the caseback truly downright awful, a messed up development is far more atrocious so I did

it at any rate. Presently that was a difficult undertaking, following 5 years the O-ring turned out to be so

tacky that the back appeared to be stuck on. I at that point utilized a disposable cutter to flip of the

antimagnetic shield.

There was not one, but rather two free sinks the watch! Unexpectedly, the watch

had recently quit running since one of the screws lay on the hairspring. The

sweat poored from my temple yet flipping around the watch made the

screws drop out, and the watch began running once more. Phew!

The screws were excessively little for me to return them, so I set them aside securely

what’s more, shut the watch once more. The watch didn’t appear to miss the screws, it’s a

beneficial thing Lemania over designed the development 🙂 Back home, I had a

watchmaker set the screws back and my Speedmaster is cheerful ever since.