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Aus der Reihe…

German Krimis (investigator arrangement) on the TV consistently drew (& draw) my consideration. I can’t precisely clarify why, yet it likely has something to do that I grew up close to the German line so the environmental factors/climate is truly unmistakable. Germany consistently had a development on Dutch (not to mistake for Deutsch) TV, they (likely) have more cash to deliver good and expert TV arrangement. Half a month back I purchased this DVD set of Derrick (Aus der Reihe) television arrangement. was broadcasted during 1974 – 1998 and was very populair in The Netherlands. The two greatest jobs were those of Stephan Derrick and Harry Klein, the two criminal investigators in Muenchen (Munich). Most likely because of nostalgic reasons I purchased this DVD set and took them with me on this (never-ending) work excursion. I recalled that oberinspektor Derrick consistently wore a gold watch. Also, presently obviously, I focused harder on the watch he was wearing in those arrangement. On the title screens he is wearing this IWC DaVinci and in some arrangement I spotted him wearing the IWC DaVinci with this insane gold arm band. We pardon him for wearing an IWC obviously, it was most likely given to him by the three letter company from Schaffhausen in any case :- ).

In the actual arrangement, going from 80s to the 90s, I saw he was wearing this gold Rolex GMT-Master with celebration wristband. How should I not notification that previously? Harry Klein, consistently in de shade of Derrick, is by all accounts wearing a Rolex steel/gold sportsmodel. I couldn’t precisely distinguish which model it is. Truth be told, I am truly beginning to like two tone Rolexes of late, particularly those with the gold/steel Oyster wristbands. In spite of the fact that it would give me trouble when showing it to loved ones since they are very rebuffed by any gold highlighted Rolex watch.

Other (visitor) entertainers in Derrick notwithstanding, regardless of whether they had a part as helpless rancher, appeared to be brandishing Rolexes also. This has an inseparable tie to the absence of polished skill you presumably don’t find in US investigator arrangement obviously, where consideration is paid to each little detail. In any case, I keep thinking about whether that is the situation for CSI Miami, where the red haired entertainer with the cool voice (excessively cool for him really) is brandishing a phony Panerai (these last two words will give me some undesirable hits from inquiries on Google :- )).

Have a pleasant end of the week individuals! Back on Monday.