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Auction Report: Recapping Sotheby's And Antiquorum's December 11th New York Sales -

Auction Report: Recapping Sotheby's And Antiquorum's December 11th New York Sales –

Yesterday saw two huge watch barters in New York City, one at Sotheby’s and the other at Antiquorum. We gave you a gander at key pieces in the two deals in the course of recent weeks, including some sub-$10,000 pieces at Antiquorum and this 18k gold Rolex GMT 6542 at Sotheby’s . The two deals saw a few parts achieve huge costs and in general both appeared to be triumphs for the separate closeout houses. Here is a glance at a few top parcels for each of these New York sales.

We’ll begin with Sotheby’s. The large part of the day was number 312 , a yellow gold Patek Philippe ref. 2499. For some authorities, this is the interminable schedule chronograph to own and it doesn’t get much more exemplary Patek Philippe than the yellow 2499. This third arrangement 2499 is by all accounts in lovely condition and the archive extricate dates it to 1968. After purchaser’s superior, this watch sold for $353,000.

1955 Panerai Luminor With Rolex Case And Movement

It would be hard to track down a watch much more not the same as the 2499 above than this Panerai Luminor from 1955 . The amazingly tropical dial shrouds the Rolex type 618 development inside – this dates to the period when Panerai were still basically contracted out to Rolex, and both the case and the development here are endorsed by the last mentioned. A $203,000 sticker price may appear as though a ton for what is basically a period just Rolex, yet these are really uncommon watches.

18k Yellow Gold Rolex GMT Ref. 6542

We previously revealed to you about this watch here , yet this 18k yellow gold Rolex GMT ref.6542 is worth following up on. The last cost of $125,000 marginally surpassed the high finish of the gauge, yet sincerely we’re astounded it didn’t go for somewhat more. Unique Rolex watches are doing well nowadays, and this is a truly unordinary watch with pretty unique patina. $125,000 is as yet nothing to laugh at though.

Patek Philippe 5207P

Moving over to Antiquorum’s deal, it was more present day Patek Philippe that ruled the bigger parts. The extremely best position was taken by this ref. 5207P, a tourbillon minute repeater with unending schedule. Dating to 2009, this watch has a delightful nectar gold dial that stands out pleasantly from the platinum case. Just a short time after it was initially sold, this watch commanded a cost of $843,750 as Lot 161.

Rolex ref. 6239 Paul Newman Daytona

The top performing Rolex was Lot 153 , a ref. 6239 Paul Newman Daytona with a dark dial dating to 1964. The watch accompanied its case just as a help gauge from Rolex, both demonstrating the legitimacy and making the new owner aware of any recent concerns with the watch. The dial on this example is quite extraordinary, with profound roundabout graining, all the lume plots flawless, and just minor scraped areas to the dark background.

Eterna Chronograph and Breitling Unitime

Moving away from the top parcels, we have an update for you on the under $10,000 watches that we enlightened you concerning recently . While the early Rolex chronograph wound up selling for marginally more than $10,000 after the purchaser’s premium ($11,250 to be definite), a portion of different watches wound up being greater takes than we expected – the curiously large Eterna sold for just $1,500 and the Breitling Unitime went for $4,750. It’s additionally worth taking note of that the pink gold Padellone wound up not selling at all as Lot 154 .

The closeout sums were $4,633,938 for Antiquorum and $6,481,375 for Sotheby’s. You can visit Antiquorum and Sotheby’s online for more information on upcoming sales.