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Auction News: Stainless Steel Rolex Moonphase 8171 Sells For $1.14 Million At Christie's New York -

Auction News: Stainless Steel Rolex Moonphase 8171 Sells For $1.14 Million At Christie's New York –

It appears as though it wasn’t such a long time ago that not a solitary Rolex had at any point sold freely for more than $1 million . Now, it is by all accounts happening each (Christie’s) deal. A month ago, an uncommon Rolex Daytona Paul Newman “RCO” broke the million dollar mark , and in the spring, this split-seconds 4113 likewise broke 1,000,000 . At that point, just yesterday, an uncommon Rolex “Padellone” triple schedule moonphase sold for $1,145,00 in hefty offering. Be that as it may, there are a few intriguing things to note here.

First, we should call attention to that the three $1,000,000 Rolex watches we notice here are generally treated steel – not a solitary one of them is gold or platinum – again demonstrating that the most un-honorable metal is really the choice of the most genuine gatherers in the world. Furthermore, this specific Padellone was in evident top condition, demonstrating that again condition is fundamental, even sometimes astounding extraordinariness. Also, discussing extraordinariness, the 8171 is anything but an especially uncommon reference, however discovering one in steel with a precious stone dial such as this, in this striking condition, is certainly something exceptional. This cost was, obviously, a record for the reference, and it is likewise the absolute first time a Rolex has broken $1,000,000 at Christie’s New York – all previous deals at this level were in Geneva.

Another offer of note from the previous sale was that of a unique Patek Philippe 5970J, with gold hued dial. The 5970 is ostensibly the most famous model from Patek as of late and unique examples frequently fetch shocking costs. This specific example sold for $353,000, roughly $200,000 above what a typical 5970J would sell for.

Another long awaited parcel was this Richard Mille RM-027-01, otherwise known as the watch that Rafa Nadal wears on court. This uber light tourbillon is viewed as perhaps the most alluring top of the line watches in the world, and with just 50 units delivered, likewise one of the most uncommon. This pristine example, which is as yet fixed and has never been worn, acquired $605,000. Indeed, it’s not as much as retail, however an astounding outcome none the less.

You can see the main ten outcomes from the current week’s Christie’s deal here and read the full official statement here .