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Another watch scam…

About a year prior (at the sixteenth of november 2004), I composed here about a brand called Louis Bolle and the amount of a trick this everything was. I actually get messages to this posting (consistently) and more than 20 comments were added to this post. Today, a companion of mine sent me the connection of . From the outset, there is by all accounts nothing amiss with this (on the web) diamond setter. They even have very some celebrated Dutch craftsmen on their site to address their items. A subsequent look shows that most photos of the Dutch VIPs are screendumps from TV and most craftsmen appear to be B-class in any case. Or on the other hand C-class (I would add the Dutch transexual Kelly to this class, well known for her appearance in Big Brother).

The most amazing aspect, all things considered, is that Vendoux is as I would like to think only a trick. Not just they have taken the acclaimed plans like the one of a , yet in addition less realized brands like Eberhard.

Picture from, a watch available to be purchased by .