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An Uncommon Girard-Perregaux: The F1-047 Chronograph

Following on from Robert-Jan’s great audit of the Girard-Perregaux WW.TC Financial, I figured a fitting next article would be on a generally secret GP that ended up entering my ownership in the no so distant past – really, the finish of a long quest.

On a JLC Master Compressor tie. To say 21mm bended end choices are restricted would be an understatement.

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Back in the last part of the ’90s and early ’00s, Girard-Perregaux delivered a line of watches with true Scuderia Ferrari marking. Not at all like the latest manifestations of Ferrari watches, these were unobtrusive and exceptionally classy – so inconspicuous that some of them don’t even truth be told convey any Ferrari marking anyplace on the watch.

There were many, numerous varieties of dial and case, however they could successfully be part into three lines, with a couple exceptions:

  • The three hand + date, time-just models;
  • The chronographs with inhouse development, GP3370;
  • The chronographs with Dubois-Depraz module, as a rule ETA 2892A2 based with a DD 2021 piggyback. Otherwise called the GP type 2280.
  • One eminent special case is the SF Foudroyante with 1/eighth flying and split second chronograph. The development is a GP8020 which was created by the British Masters and in this way utilized in a few Graham chronographs.

Arguably, the most fascinating of the pack is the SF Foudroyante; it isn’t the most uncommon however, nor is it the simplest to live with – the development will require standard overhauling and oil if the chronograph is to be utilized with any consistency. I’ve seen a few available to be purchased, a large portion of which note ‘watch will require administration, flying second hand not running easily’. Likewise, it isn’t modest, even on the optional market.

On the first elastic strap

I recall first seeing the F1-047 mid 2002, soon after its delivery. It more likely than not established a serious connection with me, since it was one of those watches that floated at the back of my awareness, sometimes pushing me to get one at whatever point a pre-owned model showed its face – which was uncommon. My chase started somewhat more genuinely toward the finish of 2010, when I additionally discovered valuable little data accessible about the watch.

The GP F1-047 (Ref. 4955) and GP F1-048 (confusingly, likewise Ref. 4955) are kin. The numbers come from the model quantities of the motors controlling the Ferrari F1 vehicles; it’s reputed (and I have not had the option to affirm this, single direction or another) that the cases for the 047 were projected from aluminum material got from a utilized Ferrari F1 motor square. The 047 has an aluminum case; the extent that I can decide, there were anyplace somewhere in the range of 100 and 200 of these made, implied as a model arrangement for the 048, which has a titanium case (there are 1000 of these). The 047s are not numbered, yet the 048s are. Both fall into the third classification of Pour Ferrari watches, and are controlled by the GP 2280.

It gets considerably seriously befuddling. While I’ve just at any point seen or known about one variation of the 048 (brushed titanium case, titanium back, titanium pushers, elastic lash with titanium clasp carved with skipping pony and arrangement number on the caseback) – it appears to be that there are a considerable lot of the 047. Evidently, renditions exist with aluminum or titanium for the pushers/crown and case backs, and any combination of printed/engraved/clear case backs!

I have what I accept that is a mid-creation variant, with a printed aluminum caseback and titanium crown/pushers. The tie clasp is likewise titanium, yet scratched ‘GP’ instead of with the dancing horse. Truth be told, beside the F1-047 reference on the back, there is no notice of Ferrari at all on this watch.

One in the end appeared close to home recently. It had been numerous years since I last took care of one. I thought the container was unfilled (!) – turned out the watch was considerably lighter than I recalled. It genuinely wanted to wear nothing at all once strong it on, particularly in the wake of coming from my a lot heavier Sinn 756 . The feature of this piece is without a doubt its case and dial – at that point, aluminum was a beautiful novel material for a watch case, particularly with the completion applied here – brushed bezel and caseband, cleaned drags and back. Cleaned aluminum is outwardly very intriguing – it’s a light shaded metal, sparkly however not even close as gleaming as cleaned steel. I get it’s somewhere close to cleaned and sandblasted steel, however nearer to the last mentioned. In the event that you look carefully however, there’s a polished coat over all aspects of the watch – even the brushed pieces – which I accept that is a defensive covering or some likeness thereof, presumably aluminum oxide or a derivative.

Imagined in a substitute reality. I think I’m going to go chasing for a blue calf strap.

Surprisingly, the watch is much stronger than one would expect for aluminum – up until this point, no imprints a few hairline scratches to the reflexive coat. What’s more, this watch is around ten years of age! Less amazing are indications of erosion pitting. Evidently this was a common issue with the aluminum cases, which GP was supplanting at a certain point. There are a couple of spots on the backs of my hauls, however nothing genuine, and it’d be in all likelihood difficult to get a substitution case at this point.

The dial is carbon fiber, with a genuinely enormous weave and waffle surface, aside from the chronograph subdials, which are smooth and matte. The entirety of the hands aside from the chronograph seconds hand are glowing, similar to the numbers, which is a decent touch. After insignificant charging, it actually sparkles like a light – no tritium here. A tachymeter scale is available around the outline of the dial, however like the vast majority of these things, is absolutely futile and unfeasible. There’s a date window a 4.30 additionally, tragically it’s white against a dark dial, which is clear however not tastefully satisfying. It does, nonetheless, change unequivocally at midnight.

Modular chronographs have a terrible standing – hopping seconds during start/stop, inconsistency, difficulty of administration, the rundown goes on. The DD module in my Omega Dynamic Chronograph has been sans issue throughout the previous ten years; no hopping seconds, yet the pushers are getting somewhat tacky – I characteristic that to the basin plan as opposed to the chronograph module. The 047, nonetheless, I speculate will demonstrate to satisfy its standing. The ceaseless recycled bounces, stammers and stops with each chronograph start/stop; the chrono seconds hand isn’t so smooth, and the activity is very close. I guess I ought to be appreciative that the moment hand doesn’t hop as well, and that it actually keeps great time – to inside a couple of moments a day.

While I’m blustering, there’s one other complaint I have with this watch: the lash probably been intended for a goliath. The littlest opening scarcely fits a 7.25″ wrist; I wore it free with several additional openings while attempting to get a short size, just to be educated that they just make it in one size – and a substitution would be US$300! On account of the odd 21mm/bended drag fitting, there are not many ties that will fit the watch. I chose a JLC Master Compressor tie in nectar calf, which suits perfectly, and complements the watch beautifully.

When new, these were bad an incentive for cash in any way shape or form. One of a kind, yes. Luckily, time and lack of definition have done miracles for reasonableness, and in case you’re patient, one can be had for not exactly the cost of an Omega Seamaster or Tag Heuer Carrera . Two or three hundred of these around, you would do well to be set up to stand by however. At times, the chase is a decent lump of the fun.