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A  Vintage Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Men's Watches For Women -

A Vintage Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Men's Watches For Women –

Now for additional sentimental cred the sub you get should likewise come from a top end jeweler, such as this one from Cartier we showed you a short time back. In the event that you don’t quite extravagant putting such an excessive cost on affection, how about this (not especially vintage) minimal number from Tiffany & Co? In spite of the fact that to be straightforward, on the off chance that we were doing the gifting, we’d stay with something like this dependable 5512.

The second watch we’d prefer to recommend is somewhat all the more a refined stunner (see, the valentines day matches are simply excessively acceptable) If you’re after a dressier alternative vintage truly is the way to go. Vintage gold. Complicated vintage gold. The truly incredible thing about vintage watches is that size is undeniably less of an issue (ahem) in case you’re purchasing a watch for a woman’s wrist than for a male one – 33 – 36mm is an extraordinary size for some women. For such a watch you’re truly ruined for choice, however we figure the grinning moon and extravagant hauls on this Ebel would look especially lovely.

Our last proposal for a blessing to show the profundity of your affections for your loved one comes from the trenches of World War One (embed ‘Love is a Battlefield’ joke here). Trench watches are momentary watches, owing more to stash watches than with what we would all the more commonly perceive a wristwatch. As such they are frequently quite unimposing and come on slim lashes. We think this makes trench watches a unique alternative with an incredible feeling of history. This dazzling real silver cased Rolex is a valid example. However, word from the wise, perhaps don’t raise the Somme on Valentines Day.

So there you go, only a couple examples with regards to why we think a vintage watch is the ideal Valentines Day blessing. Now get out there and purchase something!