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Found: A $10 Gilt Dial Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 -

A Vintage Breitling Chronograph With a Vintage Rolex Daytona Movement

is one of the brands that doesn’t get a ton of inclusion here. Maybe on the grounds that they make me consider two tone Crosswind models with those UTC wristbands, yet I am mindful that this isn’t totally reasonable for this brand from Grenchen, Switzerland.

However, I found from the 1970s with a Valjoux 72 handwound chronograph development. This development has likewise been utilized by Rolex for their (Oyster) Cosmograph Daytona models from that period. The Breitling has – pretty much – similar little measurements as these 1970s Rolex Daytonas. A 37mm distance across case and 13mm in height.

The little and smooth case with the enormous ‘pilot’ crown for simple winding makes this watch additionally ‘optically’ an intriguing item with regards to my assessment. The white dial additionally sticks out, with its dim registers with red accents. I can envision wearing this vintage chronograph on a dark tie with red sewing for example.

The closeout began with 1 Euro on the seventeenth of April and is right now at 436 Euro with two days to go. The decent ‘extra’ about this watch is that the development is genuinely acceptable and simple to support by watchmakers. There are a great deal of extra parts gliding around for these developments and a ton of watchmakers have insight with these vintage Valjoux developments. It shouldn’t hence cost you dearly to have it adjusted periodically.

The development is marked J.P. Pingouin, which I’d never knew about, however it has all the earmarks of being some sort of celebrated watchmaker from that period. Investing some energy in different watch sites, I saw that his ‘signature’ is on comparative Valjoux developments for a few different brands as well.

Update: There are some concerns about this however. The development should be endorsed by Breitling, regardless of that it has been endorsed by another watchmaker, there ought to in any event be some referencing of the brand from Grenchen. The dial is decent, however the Breitling phrasing on the dial is a piece ‘off’ too. Kindly contact the merchant to verification authenticity in the event that you are intrigued, other insightful, let this one go. At any rate be cautious with your most extreme offer 😉

. It is recorded in German and has a short synopsis in English as well.